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Senior researcher II, PhD, Team Leader

Phone: 021.316.30.93


-  1991 MSc - "Politehnica" University of Bucharest, Polymer Chemistry Department
-  1999 PhD - "Politehnica" University of Bucharest, Polymer Chemistry Department
-  2000 postdoctoral fellow - University of New Hampshire, SUA
-  2001 postdoctoral fellow - University of Toronto, Canada

Present position:  Team Leader, senior researcher, ICECHIM, Polymer Department

Interest fields:

- Preparation and characterization of superhydrophobic materials
- Hybrids nanocomposites prepared by Layer-by-Layer deposition of polyelectrolytes
- Polymer nanoparticles and thin films for biomedical applications
- Polymer-magnetic nanoparticles hybrids for drug delivery and biosensors
- Emulsion and microemulsion polymerization of functionalized monomers
- Multifunctional polyelectrolytes
- Core-shell micro and nanoparticles
- Micro and nanoparticles with controlled properties

Member of professional organizations:

- Romanian Chemical Society
- Romanian Association of Polymer Science


- National evaluation expert PN III
- National evaluation expert SIPOCA27
- National evaluation expert CEEX
- National evaluation expert PNCDI

Coordination of international projects:
Project titleFunction in projectPeriod
The development of existing infrastructure in INCDCP-ICECHIM to increase the research activity competitiveness, technological development and innovation in the field of agro-bio-economy - POS-CCETechnical manager2014 - 2015
Solutions to obtain automotive parts with icephobic and dirtphobic properties made of polypropylene and polycarbonate - POS-CCEScientific manager2013 - 2015
High Aspect Ratio Carbon-based Nanocomposites - FP7Principal investigator2008 - 2012
Enhancement the Quality Participation at FP6 Projects in the Polymer Nanomaterials Field - FP6Project manager2005 - 2008
Polymers for Non-Linear Optic Materials - University of Toronto, CanadaScientific manager2001 - 2002
Polymers Used in Security Labeling - University of Toronto, CanadaScientific manager2001 - 2002
Microencapsulation for Non-Lethal Weapon - University of New Hampshire, SUAScientific manager2000 - 2001

Coordination of national projects:
Project titleFunction in projectPeriod
High Aspect Ratio Carbon-Based Nanocomposites - PNCDI IIProject director2008 - 2012
Medical Device for Articular Diseases Treatment Based on Nanomaterials and Magnetic Field Effects - PNCDI IIScientific manager2008 - 2011
Magnetic Properties and Controlled Selectivity Nano-composites - MATNANTECHProject director2004 - 2006
Optical Non-linearity in Materials Having Structures Below Wavelength - CERESScientific manager2004 - 2006


  1. Nanostructured Biomaterial Based on Magnetic Nanoparticles and Hydrogel, E.D.Teodor, V.Lazar, M.Mihalache, C.Petcu, RO 122 017 B1/2008.
  2. Knee Brace with Magnets, I.Antoniac, C.Petcu, R.Marinescu, D.Laptoiu, RO 128 699 B1/2017.

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