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TA Q2000 DSC Instrument

Technical specifications:
- Temperature range: -180 ÷ 725°C (Total)
- Temperature accuracy: ± 0.1°C
- Temperature precision: ± 0.01°C
- Calorimetric precision (based on metal standards): ± 0.05%
- Maximum calorimetric sensitivity: 0.2 µW
- Sensitivity/Resolution: > 60 mW/°C
- Baseline Curvature (-50 to 300°C): 10 µW
- Baseline Reproducibility: 10 µW
- Baseline Noise (max. peak to peak): < 1 µW
- Dynamic Range: ± 500 mW

Instrument Features:
DSC instrumentation is of the "Heat Flux" design whereby the sample and reference are measured in the same furnace, on separate stages. The DSC employs area temperature detectors directly beneath the sample and reference positions, not platinum resistance thermometers or thermopiles. The DSC furnace is constructed of silver, with platinum heater windings. The benefit of this design is in the uniform thermal environment, and long furnace lifetime. Instrument has a robotic autosampler. Autosampler is able to load no less than 50 sample pans and no less than 5 reference pans in one tray.