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General objectives:

 -  The enhancement of security and bioactivity of dietary supplements;
 -  The green chemistry development with impact on life quality and economic activity;
 -  Developing of new materials, products and processes with low volume but with high added-value;
 -  The optimization of the methods for disease prevention and treatment;
 -  Development of new technologies for conservation, reconstruction and consolidation of the biologic and ecologic diversity.

Project specific objectives are:

 -  obtaining of imprinted polymers for the solid phase extraction;
 -  physical-chemical and morphological characterization of supramolecular structures;
 -  proving the possibility to use the new imprinted polymer materials for hypericin extraction;
 -  development of some technologies for the efficient using of the new materials for MISPE;
 -  increasing of the life quality, by preventing the diseases of the population.

Foreseen results:

In order to achieve general and specific project objectives, following activities will be done:
 -  Fundamental research: Checking of the theoretical hypothesis concerning the possibility of the imprinting with an enantiomer of hypericin;
 -  Industrial research (experimental model, studies and analysis, experimental model design, technical documentation, testing of the proposed solutions and demonstration of technology workability and usefulness);
 -  Support activities: large scale dissemination of the results and patent protection.

The following measurable results are expected:

Economic results:

 -  enlargement the range of dietary supplements, leading to GDP increase;
 -  increasing of technical and qualitative level of advanced materials produced in our country, which will improve competitiveness and market position of co-funding SME;
 -  income increase in the field of advanced material production, by the production of new high added-value products, in accord with the demands of new application areas;
 -  efficient use of material resources in Romania;
 -  development of partnership between enterprises and R&D units;
 -  increase of integration capacities within thematic areas representative for EU research programs (agriculture and new materials), including FP7.

Scientific results:

 -  stimulating research network in the field of new materials and environment, by means of cooperation between research institutions and universities;
 -  increase integration capability within European programs and partnership, connected to thematic area Food, agriculture, fishery and biotechnology and Health;
 -  continuously development of research in the field of synthesis, processing and modification of polymers and complex characterization of materials;
 -  increase enterprises power to implement research results through technology transfer and stimulation of the innovation;
 -  dissemination on large scale of scientific results by participation in international conferences and workshops, publishing scientific papers, Cd-ROM, web-page, participation in fairs and exhibitions, leading to enhanced visibility of Romanian science.

Ecological results:

 -  developing of new materials, using ecological procedures, without emissions of air pollutants or industrial water charged with chemical products, environmentally aggressive;
 -  protection of the personnel and environment both to producer and to end user.

Social results:

 -  protection of the population health;
 -  increase of life quality;
 -  creating new jobs;
 -  attracting young students and graduates to take part in research team.

The project end products will be new hypericin concentrates with enhanced bioactivity, starting from natural sources: St. John's Wort. This new products will have an enhanced bioactivity, because on one side they will contain more hypericin and on the other side they will contain a bigger concentration from the more active enantiomer of hypericin. In the same time the product will be much safer than the synthetic product. The concrete results of the project will be the 2 new technologies (one for MIP production and another for MIP using), 4 published and 1 sent ISI articles, 6 scientific communications, 2 patents, a participation at an exhibition or fair, web page, CD-Rom, flyer.