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Acronym:  POLINANO
Contract number:  178CP/2008
Financing:  Governmental budget - Ministerul Educatiei, Cercetarii, Tineretului si Sportului, Program 2 - CAPACITIES
Project budget:  793,000 lei
Contract period:  2008-2010
Contracting Authority:  National Authority for Scientific Research - ANCS, Bucharest, 21-25 Mendeleev street, sector 1, 010362, phone/fax: 021.318.30.67, http://www.mct.ro, RO 17728123
Executing institution:  National Institute of Research and Development for Chemistry and Petrochemistry-ICECHIM Bucharest, 202 Splaiul Independentei street, sector 6, 060021, phone +40 21.315.32.99, fax +40 21.312.34.93, http://www.icechim.ro, RO 2627996


The main objective of this project is creating a Centre of expertise for the characterization of polymer nanocomposites in the Department of Polymers of ICECHIM by the development of the existing infrastructure. The project shall result in the rearrangement and instrumentation with latest generation equipments of three existing laboratories. The investment consists of the acquirement of the following research equipments:
 -  AFM microscope which enables the investigation with atomic resolution of samples surfaces and measuring local properties such as adhesion, elasticity, electric or magnetic properties and topographic measurements, supplying information which, at the moment, is not available through other methods, regarding the nanodispersion of the fillers, the material defects, the phase distribution in multiphase mixtures, phase transitions, local rigidity and hardness, etc.
 -  System for measuring interface properties which allows assessment of adhesion at the interface in polymer blends and polymer composite or in the case of applying some surface treatments to polymers or organic/inorganic (nano)fillers, measuring the contact angle and surface tension.
 -  Sample preparation equipments for characterization, a laboratory platen press having automatic pressing cycle, fine adjustable temperature and high force of mould sealing to ensure processing of both the nanocomposites with thermoplastic or thermoset matrices and polymer mixtures and microcomposites and a digital micrometer.

The new equipments purchased through this project make up the existing infrastructure in the Polymer Department of ICECHIM (SEM microscope, DSC-TGA analysis system, FTIR spectroscope, complex system for mechanical analysis, analysis system for melt rheology). Therefore the "Centre of expertise for polymer nanocomposites characterization" will become a pole of research and innovation in the field of polymer nanomaterials, a reliable partner in the promotion and application of the new nanocomposite materials accomplished in high-tech SME and an efficient partner in national and international projects.