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General objectives:

 -  increase of technological proficiency, promotion of transfer of knowledge and technology in energy field, assuming quality conditions and respecting the principle of sustainable development;
 -  development of innovative products, processes, clean technologies and waste recovery;
 -  scientifically argumentation and development of technologies to preserve, rehabilitate and consolidate the biologic and ecologic diversity;
 -  developing of new materials, products and processes with high added-value.

Specific objectives:

 -  decrease of powder and harmful gas emissions (especially VOC) during the burning processes in thermo-power stations;
 -  yielding new materials from hybrid inorganic-organic nanocomposite precursors;
 -  preventing environmental pollution, by means of recycled non-biodegradable mineral wastes with low utilization value;
 -  development of more efficient application technologies for the new materials;
 -  increasing life quality.